Is DOING Group a reliable solid waste pyrolysis machine supplier?


Is DOING Group a reliable solid waste pyrolysis machine supplier?

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When it comes to investing in a solid waste pyrolysis machine, choosing a reliable manufacturer is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful operation. And comparatively speaking, Henan DOING Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD., referred to DOING GROUP/HENAN DOING, is an experienced and reliable pyrolysis machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

Now let's further see the introduction and strength of DOING Group.

1. About DOING Group

DOING Group is a comprehensive environmental protection equipment manufacturing company integrating consulting, research and development design, manufacturing, equipment installation and product service.

solid waste pyrolysis machine supplierSolid waste pyrolysis machine supplier

DOING Company has an independent technology research and development team. With professional manufacturing capabilities and product service capabilities, DOING can provide customers with personalized pyrolysis machine solutions and product lifecycle services. And there are a number of overseas engineers to assist foreign customers with equipment installation and commissioning.

DOING company has set up branch offices and overseas warehouses in Nigeria to provide a strong guarantee for warehouse pickup for customers at home and abroad. In addition, DOING has purchased land in Nigeria, where DOING leadership is leading local workers to set up a production plant. This means that the part of the pyrolysis machine will be produced locally in Nigeria in the near future, which is a huge advantage for African customers in this industry, especially for Nigerian customers.

Certifications and quality standards are also essential indicators of a reliable manufacturer. DOING Group holds ISO, CE, SGS and other patent certifications. And our company is certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise by government agencies. Such certifications not only demonstrate a commitment to quality but also provide assurance that our pyrolysis machine meets rigorous safety and performance standards.

pyrolysis machine certificatesDOING solid waste pyrolysis machine certificates

2. About DOING solid waste pyrolysis machine

Solid waste pyrolysis machine is one of the main products of DOING Group, which can effectively and environmentally friendly recycle municipal solid waste like waste tires, plastic, coal tar, oil sludge, household plastic waste, medical waste, agricultural waste, etc.

Till now, our pyrolysis machines have been exported to more than 90 countries around the world and highly praised for their stable operation and long services. And we also have regular customers who place orders again and again for more than a third time.

pyrolysis machine projectsSolid waste pyrolysis machine projects

We supply different capacities of batch and new technology continuous solid wastes pyrolysis machines for sale, from 100Kg/batch to 50Tons/day per set. We also support customizing larger capacity of pyrolysis machines. From machine technology design, material selection to machine welding, we all have strict quality tests and control.

The above is a brief introduction to the DOING Group and our solid waste pyrolysis machine. If you are still wondering whether this company is reliable and whether the pyrolysis machine provided can meet your requirements, welcome to our company for a field visit.

DOING Company is located in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, with advantageous geographical conditions and an airport and high-speed railway station nearby. If you plan to come here, please contact the DOING business manager in advance and they will arrange someone to pick you up at the airport or high-speed railway station. You can personally confirm that DOING is indeed a reliable supplier of pyrolysis machines.


Please feel free to leave your inquiry or appointment. Our professional sales and engineering team can offer you a good solid waste pyrolysis machine solution that ensures a quality investment that meets your specific needs and expectations.

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