Can pyrolysis emission meet the environmental standard?


Can pyrolysis emission meet the environmental standard?

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As we all know, pyrolysis plant as one of the waste recycling equipment, is mainly used to convert tires, plastics, rubber, sludge and other wastes into fuel oil. It is now widely used around the world. Then whether pyrolysis emission can meet the environmental standard?

environmental pyrolysis plant projectEnvironmental pyrolysis plant project cases

Actually, it refers to whether it will produce waste water, exhaust gas and dust pollution and meet the emission protection. The waste pyrolysis plant developed and designed by Henan Doing Company is equipped with environmental protection treatment control systems, which can meet the environmental protection standards of different countries.

1. Wastewater treatment control

In the waste tire/plastic/oil sludge pyrolysis process of DOING environmental pyrolysis plant, all circulating water is used for cooling water or dust removal water to ensure that there is no waste water discharge during the production process.


2. Waste gas treatment control

Waste gas mainly refers to the exhaust gas generated during pyrolysis process and the flue gas generated from heating pyrolysis reactor.

①Exhaust gas treatment control

The main components of exhaust gas are non-condensable but highly flammable gases such as C1-C4, but the exhaust gas also contains a small amount of polluting gases, such as H2S, NOx, COx, SOx, etc. In response to this polluting gas, Doing Company has launched an exhaust gas cleaning system to help customers solve related odor problems. The purified exhaust gas can be directly recycled to heat the pyrolysis reactor, which can save operating investment costs.

②Flue gas treatment control

For the flue gas generated by heating pyrolysis reactor, DOING environmental pyrolysis plant is equipped with desulfurization&dust removal tower to make sure that the flue gas emission is friendly to the environment and meet the local requirements of each country.

environmental pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection devices of DOING pyrolysis plant

3. Dust treatment control

In order to effectively control dust, DOING pyrolysis plant is specially equipped with carbon black wind transfer system and related adsorption device systems. The carbon black is transferred and transported from the pyrolysis area to the carbon black collection area or deep processing area through air-sealed pipelines. The entire process is fully enclosed and there is no dust.

Henan Doing Company has helped many regular pyrolysis plants successfully pass the environmental impact assessment procedures and acceptance by the Environmental Protection Bureau, and officially put into operation. For more questions about pyrolysis plant, please feel free to inquire for relevant details and quotations.

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