Peanut oil processing plant


Peanut oil processing plant

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Peanut is one of common oil seeds. Many people extract oil from peanut only using a set of oil presser. But that will result a lot waste of peanut oil because of the high residual oil rate. In peanut oil processing plant, a series of machines will be used to process the peanut to best conditions and then be pressed.

Peanut oil processing plant includes peanut oil pretreatment machines and peanut oil press machine.

peanut oil processing machinePeanut oil pretreatment machines and peanut oil press machine

1. Husking machine: If peanut with shells, it should be husked first, or it will affect the oil quality and oil yield. In the above picture, the husking machine is used in large scale peanut oil processing plant, and the following is the small one.

peanut oil processing machineSmall peanut husking machine

2. Peanut kernel and shell separator: It is used to separating peanut kernel and peanut shell.

3. Cleaning machine: After separating kernel and shell, the peanut kernel should be first cleaned by vibrational cleaning sieve, magnetic separator and destoner. And this step is mainly to clean the big impurities, like the stone, big dust, iron, etc.

4. Crushing machine: This process is mainly to crush the peanut. As the peanut is too big to press, we need to crush the peanut to 6-8 pieces.

oil extraction plantCrushing machine in peanut oil processing plant

5. Flaking machine: After crushing, we need to flake the crushed peanut, which makes the cell wall of peanut broken. And we flake the peanut to 0.55mm thickness. Then it is useful for the oil extracting.

flaking machine of oil extraction plantFlaking machine in peanut oil processing plant

6. Cooking machine: After the flaker, we need to cook the peanut, controling the moisture is at 5-7% and the temperature is about 110 -115 degree.

Cooking machineCooking machine in peanut oil processing plant

7. Pressing machine: After all the pretreatment procedures, the peanut can be pressed by peanut oil press machine to get about 76% peanut oil or more, or extract oil by cooking oil solvent extraction plant.

peanut oil press machineOil press machine in peanut oil processing plant

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