Cooking oil pretreatment machine


Cooking oil pretreatment machine

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Cooking oil pretreament machine can adjust temperature, moisture and form of oil seeds to further extraction. Uaually, cooking oil pretreatment machine can be devided to several kinds, cleaning, delinting, husking/dehulling/shelling, drying, crushing, softening, flaking, cooking and pre-pressing.

Cooking oil pretreatment machine

Details of Cooking oil pretreament machine:


Cleaning is a series of operation to remove impurities in cooking oil seeds. Cleaning machine include: cleaning sieve, magnetic drum and de-stonner.

2. Husking/dehulling/shelling:

Cooking oil seeds like peanut, sunflower seed, cotton seed, palm kernel, etc, have hard shells above nuts. Husking/dehulling/shelling machine is to seperate shells from nuts.

3. Drying:

Drying is to reducing moisture in cooking oil seeds. Oil seeds might be harvested in rainy season with a high moisture, which leads drying to be essential for storage and further processes.

4. Crushing:

Mechanical size reduction process is also named crushing. For big-size oil seeds, crushing reduces its size to benefit flaking, while for prepressed cake, crushing turns cake to proper size and creats better oil yeild for second press or solvent extraction. Crushing is always necessary for soybean, peanut, palm kernel, coconut copra, tung oil seed, etc.

5. Softenning:

Softenning pot adjusts moisture and temperature of oil seeds in cooking oil pretreatment machine, softens and increases plasticity of  oil seeds. For low-oil-content oil seeds (soybean, rape seed/canola, cotton seeds, etc), softenning is an essential process for better flaking effect. For example, oil content of soybean is 18-22%, while soybean is hard, low-moisture and low-temperature, flaking will bring plenty of powders without softenning. However, this needs to be stressed that whether softenning is needed still depends on the properties of oil seeds. (Read more: Oil seeds softening machine)

6. Flaking:

Flaking machine presses oil seeds from granulous to laminar, which brokes cell tissue of oil seeds and creats beneficial condition for cooking. Flaking also makes oil flows out smoothly when pressing or solvent extraction. (Read more: Oil seeds flaking machine)

7. Puffing:

Puffing pot turns oil seeds(cracked, flaked, or whole seed) to polyporous matters, which improves solvent permeability in extraction and increases leaching rate. (Read more: Rice bran puffing machine)

8. Cooking:

Cooking machine is to wet, heat, steam and to cook flakes to change the internal structure of flakes, including destorying cells, protein solidification and denaturation, etc. All these changes makes oil easy to isolate and also enhance crude oil quality.

Cooking oil preatment machines

9. Pressing/pre-pressing:

Pressing/pre-pressing machine is to press cooking oil from oil seeds or cakes. In general, there are several oil press machine for this step.

We can design cooking oil pretreament machine according to your requirements. If you are interested in cooking oil  pretreatment machine or want to get more about cooking oil prepressing/pretreament workshop, please feel free to contact us.

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