Cooking oil solvent extraction plant


Cooking oil solvent extraction plant

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cooking oil solvent extraction plant Cooking oil solvent extraction plant manufacturer in China

Cooking oil solvent extraction plant is designed to extract oil directly from sunflower seeds, peanuts, cotton seed, palm kernel, canola, copra, castor and variety of other materials. Cooking oil solvent extraction plant is the second step in cooking oil production line. Before this plant, oil seeds should be pretreatment by a sets of machines. (Related reading: Vegetable oil seeds pretreatment production line)

The oil seeds that has pretreated or cakes from cooking oil press machine are carried into cooking oil solvent extraction palnt. Because there are still much oil in some cakes, like peanut cakes, canola cakes and sunflower seeds cakes. Solvent is sprayed onto cakes so as to extract more oil out.

Main process of cooking oil solvent extarction plant:

Solvent extraction system → D.T.D.C system → Condenser system → Recovery system

cooking oil solvent extraction processCooking oil solvent extraction process

Main machines in cooking oil solvent extraction plant:

1. Solvent extraction system: To extract oil from rice bran (use n-hexane to react with oil from oil cake.)

2. D.T.D.C system (Desolventizer-Toaster-Drier-Cooler system): To process wet meal (cake). Separate solvent from wet meal, then dry, cool, Finally, meal will be sent to meal warehouse. The oil residue in meal is less than 1%. And the meal is for animal feed.

cooking oil solvent extraction plantMachines used in cooking oil solvent extraction plant

3. Miscella process system: To separate solvent and oil. Solvent will be sent to recovery system for recycling. Oil will be sent to vegetable oil refinery plant.

4. Condenser & Recovery system: To recycle solvent.

Technical parameters of cooking oil solvent extraction plant:

1 Residual oil in meal ≤ 1% (different from various oilseeds)
2Solvent consumption ≤1.5-3Kg/T (hexane)
3moisture and volatile matter ≤ 0.30%
4Power consumption ≤ 15KWh/T
5Steam consumption ≤280Kg/T (0.8MPa)
6Finished meal moisture ≤ 10-13% (adjustable)
7Residual solvent in finished meal ≤ 300PPM (qualified detonated experiment)

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