Rice bran oil processing plant


Rice bran oil processing plant

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Rice bran oil processing plant usually adopts the method of combining pretreatment and solvent extraction method  because the oil content in rice bran is very little. And puffing is the particular process in rice bran oil processing plant, which can increase the oil yield.

rice bran oil extraction machineRice bran oil pretreatment machine

In rice bran oil pretreatment section, besides puffing machine, there are a lot of equipment used in rice bran oil processing plant. For example, in 300T/D rice bran oil processing plant, vibrating screen, destoner, magnetic separator, softening machine, puffing machine, etc are needed.

Rice bran oil pretreatment machine working process flow chart:

rice bran oil processing machineRice bran oil pretreatment machines working process

This is the machines used to pretreat the rice bran, and then the pretreated rice bran is sent to rice bran oil solvent extraction plant. If you want to understand more clearly, you can watch the rice bran oil machine running video.

rice bran oil extraction processRice bran oil solvent extraction plant working process flow chart

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Learn More: Why dose rice bran oil need expansion?

Rice bran oil expansion pretreatment will change the shape and structure of rice bran through pressing and promotion of non-isometric and nonstandard screw system of extruder. The gas among rice bran gap is squeezed out and quickly filled with materials, which causes rice bran sheared back and increased pressure inside the chamber.

Rice bran hybrid is fully mixed, squeezed, heated, glued and pasted with increasing friction between screw and chamber, which changes rice bran structure and destroys rice bran fat layer structure.

At the same time, mechanical energy converts into heat, and machine chamber quickly rises to 125 degrees, which causes effective passivation of various enzyme activities of rice bran, and destruction of fat layer structure. The starch and protein turn into viscous state while rice bran is extruded to the exit, and high pressure changes into atmospheric pressure instantaneously.

Moisture is evaporated from rice bran organizational structure quickly, forming into numerous pore structure inner rice bran. The rice bran oil expansion pretreatment is completed after cooling.

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