Soybean oil processing plant


Soybean oil processing plant

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Soybean oil processing plant has two kinds, soybean oil pressing plant and soybean oil solvent extaction plant. Among the processing, soybean pretreatment is necessary, which can highly increase soybean oil yield. Here I mianly introduce how the soybean oil processing plant (pressing method) works. [The other method: soybean oil solvent extraction plant]

Type:Soybean oil processing plant(pressing)
Processing Material:soybean

The processing of cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, drying and so on by soybean pretreatment and soybean oil pressing machine.

soybean oil processing machineSoybean pretreatment and soybean oil pressing machine

Work flow of soybean oil processing plant:

Soybean → Cleaning → Crushing → Softening → Flaking → Cooking → Pressing → Filtering

1. Cleaning:

It uses magnetic separation, cleaning sieve and de-stoner to remove inorganic impurities, organic impurities and oil impurities inside soybeans.

2. Crushing:

Mechanical method can break soybean into small particles,thus protect the soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine. Roller crusher is adopted to crush soybean for convenience of soybean flaking process.

3. Softening:

It can regulate moisture and temperature of soybean until softening, which can increase ductility of soybean. Soybean is low oil content oilseed with hard structure, thus powder control is important for further soybean oil extraction.

4. Flaking:

It cover pressing process from the granular formation into sheet. The purpose of soybean flaking is to destroy soybean tissue, create condition for steaming and roasting, make oil separation in soybean oil solvent extraction easily. Soybean flaking requires thin embryo, uniform surface, less powder, no oil reveal. Powder controls at 1mm mesh sieve material not exceed 10-15%, soybean flakes to 0.25-0.35mm.

5. Cooking:

It is used for adjusting the moisture in the materials. If the moisture content is too high, it is not suitable for pressing, so we need to reduce the moisture content to 7%-9%.

6. Pressing:

In soybean oil processing plant, there are two kinds of soybean oil pressing machine usually used. One is single screw soybean oil pressing machine, the other is large soybean oil pressing machine with auxiliary frying pan.

Before soybean enters into soybean oil pressing machine, further cleaning is necessary, which is in order to reduce impurity, and ensure that we can get high quality soybean oil. This is the brief introduction about soybean oil processing plant, any questions, you can send your enquiry to us. (Related reading: soybean oil refining plant)

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