Cooking oil pressing machine


Cooking oil pressing machine

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Cooking oil pressing machine utilizes mechanical power to press oil from high-oil-content oil seeds, such as peanut, sunflower seed, rapeseed, palm kernel, palm fuit, etc.

There are five kinds of cooking oil pressing machine usually used, single-screw oil press machine, with auxiliary frying pan oil press machine, with strainer oil press machine, hydraulic oil press machine and double-screw cooking oil pressing machine.

cooking oil pressing machineSingle-screw cooking oil pressing machine

Of the cooking oil production line Henan Doing Company designed, single-screw cooking oil pressing machine is often used in small scale cooking oil processing plant, while the with auxiliary frying pan oil press machine is used in large scale cooking oil processing plant.

cooking oil pressing machineCooking oil pressing machine with auxiliary frying pan

The cooking oil press machine with strainer and hydraulic oil press machine are often used at home for making groundnut oil, sesame oil, etc.

cooking oil pressing machineThe cooking oil press machine with strainer and hydraulic oil press machine

The double-screw cooking oil pressing mchine is used to extract palm oil from palm fruit. Henan Doing Company's double-screw palm oil press machine is totally self-designed by engineers, and can manufacture 1tph, 2tph, 5tph, 10tph, 15tph, etc.

palm oil press machineDouble-screw palm oil press machine

Features of cooking oil pressing machine we offer:

1. Stable structure

2. Easy to operate and maintain

3. High efficiency and energy saving

For different cooking oil production line, cooking oil pressing machine needed is also different. Our engineers can help you choose the most suitable cooking oil pressing machine according to your material and requirements. Click here to leave the message.

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