Waste Engine Oil Distillation Machine


Waste Engine Oil Distillation Machine

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Waste engine oil distillation machine, is also called oil refinery plant. It mainly adopts distillation technology. This distillation machine can refine waste engine oil(used motor oil, tyre oil, plastic oil, etc) into clean diesel. The oil recovery yield is about 85%-90% ( according to oil quality).

distillation machineWaste engine oil distillation machine

The main working process of waste engine oil distillation machine

1. Feeding

Feeding liquid waste engine oil into distillation reactor by oil pump. Then run the heat conducting oil into the tubing and heat it.

2. Heating

First, heating the waste engine oil by the conducting oil in the tubing which hovered in the distillation reactor. When reach a certain tempature, heat the distillation reactor from the bottom by fuel. This double heating method can save the preheating time of waste engine oil and shorten the operation time of the project.

3. Catalytic cracking

As it is heated, the waste engine oil in the distiller produces oil gas, which is then pumped into the catalytic tower. With the action of catalyst in the catalytic tower, the waste engine oil will be catalytic cracking into small molecular oil gas.

4. Cooling

As the reaction progresses, small molecules of oil gas generated in the reactor will enter the cooling system and be cooled into liquid oil. The liquid oil can be collected into oil tank directly.

5. Desulfurization

The flue gas produced in the process of fuel combustion is purified by desulfurization & purification tower to ensure no pollution to the air.

6. Slagging

After all the reactions are complete, the distillation left is oil residue, its main component is asphalt. Because we use a vertical reactor, the asphalt can be easily clean up.

waste oil distillation machineFlow chart of waste engine oil distillation machine

Waste engine oil distillation machine technical data

Raw materialTyre oil, Plastic oil, waste engine oil, waste motor oil
Structure formVertical (easy maintenence,easy slugging)
24-hour capacity5t-100t…
Operating pressureConstant pressure
Heating materialCoal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil
oil out-put oil rateAround 85% (Depend on the material)
Material of reactorQ245R boiler plate
Thickness of reactor16mm
Mode of coolingWater cooling
Power in total4.0-8.0kw

Application of final diesel

Diesel obtained from the waste engine oil distillation machine can be directly used to tractors, trucks, ship, boiler and diesel oil generators, etc.

waste oil distillation machineApplication of final diesel

You can click here to see the vedio to check waste oil distillation machine running situation.

After-sale Service

1. Design the installation drawings according to your site;

2. For each set of waste engine oil distillation machine, our engineer will be sent to guide your installation,test the machine and train your workers;

3. 1 year warranty, engineers available to service at any time;

4. Periodical call visit, to make sure there is no problem of the equipment;

5. Design specific maintenance program according to different situation of your plant.

distillation machineOur engineer in Colombia project

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