What municipal solid waste can be recycled by pyrolysis machine?


What municipal solid waste can be recycled by pyrolysis machine?

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Municipal solid waste involves diverse waste materials generated from households, businesses, institutions and other sources in cities, posing complex challenges to environmental management. Fortunately, pyrolysis machine can convert some municipal waste into a high-value energy product: waste-derived fuel oil. This kind of fuel oil serves the energy needs of cement manufacturing, power stations and various industries, showing great potential for resource utilization of municipal solid waste.

municipal solid waste pyrolysis machineMunicipal solid waste feedstocks for pyrolysismachine

The following are the raw materials processed and recycled by pyrolysis machine:

Municipal solid wastes(MSW) such as waste tires, rubber, plastics, aluminum plastics, medical waste, domestic waste, waste clothes (except polypropylene and polyester), shoe sole waste, electronic waste, acrylic, resin powder, fiberglass, photovoltaic panels, fan blades, rosin , diatomite and other municipal solid waste can be feed stock for DOING MSW pyrolysis machine. Among them, waste rubber tires, waste plastics, and non-infectious medical wastes are the three most common municipal solid wastes used for pyrolysis machine.

1. Waste rubber tires

Covering various tires from heavy vehicles to bicycles, as well as other rubber products (cable sheaths, rubber mats, footwear, etc.), it can also be turned into tire pyrolysis oil(TDF tire derived fuel), carbon black and gaseous fuel through pyrolysis, and during pyrolysis The steel wire recovered during the process also has independent market value.

waste rubber tire pyrolysis machineWaste rubber tires pyrolysis machine

2.Waste plastic materials

As an important part of municipal solid waste, various plastic products (such as PE, PP, PS, as well as domestic plastic waste, paper mill scraps, food packaging bags, agricultural films, car bumpers, etc.) can be recycled by municipal solid waste pyrolysis machine in an oxygen-free environment. Plastic scrap converted into plastic pyrolysis oil, carbon black and flammable gas through the pyrolysis process.

waste plastic pyrolysis machineWaste plastic feedstocks for MSW pyrolysis machine

3. Non-infectious medical waste

Such as disposable protective equipment, medical plastic packaging materials, etc., with the application of pyrolysis technology, not only can be converted into fuel oil, carbon black and gas energy, but also can reduce their potential threats to the natural environment.

It should be noted that the suitability and efficiency of pyrolysis technology of different municipal solid wastes are affected by the waste type, moisture content and the applied pyrolysis process. To ensure efficient and safe operation, pyrolysis machines may require pre-processing of raw materials, such as classification, crushing and drying.

municipal solid waste pyrolysis machineMunicipal solid waste pyrolysis machine manufacturer

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