An Indian customer ordered a set of movable pyrolysis plant


An Indian customer ordered a set of movable pyrolysis plant

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On April 3, 2024, here comes a friendly cooperation between DOING and our Indian customer on a set of movable pyrolysis plant with the daily processing capacity of 500kg.

Although this set of movable pyrolysis plant has small processing capacity, it has multiple advantages, which contributed to the successful cooperation:

DOING movable pyrolysis plant for saleDOING movable pyrolysis plant for sale

1. Movable pyrolysis plant with the skid-mounted frame design, which is easy to transport and operate and avoid installation;

2. Lower investment and quick return. Though the movable pyrolysis plant is small, it can recycle waste tires to useful final products with good quality to generate huge profits.

3. Movable pyrolysis plant is suitable for novice investors in the pyrolysis plant industry, which can help them test raw materials to estimate the reliability and profitability of the pyrolysis plant project;

Advantages of DOING movable pyrolysis plantAdvantages of DOING movable pyrolysis plant

Our Indian customer is one of these novice investors, who is engaged in the solid waste recycling business, so he has abundant waste resources. After realizing pyrolysis technology is a green and profitable solution for solid waste recycling compared with the traditional burning and landfilling, the Indian customer sent his inquiry to DOING and hoped we could provide a suitable scheme for him. Considering the Indian customer only have a brief learning about pyrolysis plant and have the relatively limited investment, DOING sales manager recommended the movable pyrolysis plant to the Indian customer and introduced its whole configurations, design and advantages of the pyrolysis plant. And in order to provide our Indian customer with a more comprehensive understanding of the configuration and functional integrity of our movable pyrolysis plant, we also shared some successful running video of our movable pyrolysis plants in other countries, such as Spain. Finally, the Indian customer ordered a set of 500kg movable pyrolysis plant. The following is the running video of DOING movable pyrolysis plant in Spain:

About about 15 days later, this set of movable pyrolysis plant will be shipped to India, and then our engineer will provide professional guidance for the operation of the workers via video to help the Indian customer set up the pyrolysis machine project successfully.

DOING has over 14 years' experience in researching and manufacturing of pyrolysis plant, apart from the movable type, we also have the batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous type. We believe this cooperation with our Indian customer is the first stage of the common development and further cooperation of both parties. We hope our Indian customer have a flourishing business. And for more plant details and projects, welcome to contact us directly!

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