An Indian customer ordered a set of 50TPD fully automatic pyrolysis machine


An Indian customer ordered a set of 50TPD fully automatic pyrolysis machine

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On Nov 23, 2023, DOING company signed the contract with the Indian customer on a set of 50TPD fully automatic pyrolysis machine. This fully automatic pyrolysis machine project can help the Indian customer expand his tire recycling business to generate more profits.

Due to the Indian customer's limited experience in the field of pyrolysis machines, they placed great emphasis on the successful operation of the machine. Upon learning about DOING's numerous successful pyrolysis machine projects and positive feedback, the Indian customer reached out to the sales manager at DOING.

Pyrolysis machine projects of DOINGPyrolysis machine projects of DOING

After receiving the inquiry from the Indian customer, DOING sales manager made a detailed and patient discussion with the Indian customer about the designs, capacities, advantages, configurations of different types of pyrolysis machines. Then the Indian customer expressed strong interest about the fully automatic pyrolysis machine and want to learn more details about the fully automatic pyrolysis machine and its operation projects.

In April, 2023, this Indian customer had a visit with the accompany of DOING sales manager about some project operation sites of the pyrolysis machines and our fabrication factory. The Indian customer was satisfied with this visit and stated, "DOING is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis machine. Their technology is exceptional, and their pricing is highly competitive. Furthermore, we deeply appreciate their unwavering commitment to quality and service."

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

Ultimately, DOING established a cooperative partnership with the Indian customer for the order of a 50TPD fully automatic pyrolysis machine. Although this is the first collaboration between the Indian customer and the Chinese manufacturer-DOING, both parties are eager to foster a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.

Over the past 13 years, DOING has accumulated abundant experience in assisting customers with pyrolysis machine projects and is committed to enhancing pyrolysis machine technology and quality. If you are considering a pyrolysis machine project, feel free to contact us for more machine details and project examples!

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