Sunflower oil processing plant


Sunflower oil processing plant

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Setting up a sunflower oil processing plant is a good choice for those who has large quantities of sunflower seeds and want to start the cooking oil production business. However, a lot machines are needed for sunflower oil production plant building, such as cleaning machine, husking machine, cooking machine, pressing machine and filtering machine. Engineers of DOING can configure the sunflower oil processing machine for you bases on your budget and requirements.

sunflower oil processing flow chartSunflower oil process flow chart

As the above picture shows, in order to achieve high oil production rate, sunflower seeds need to be pretreated by a lot of machines.

sunflower oil processing machineMachines used in sunflower oil processing plant

The functions of each pretreatment machine used in sunflower oil processing plant:

1. Cleaning machine: To remove the impurities in sunflower seeds, in order to ensure good work condition and production stability.

2. Husking and kernel & shell separating machine: To decrease the residual oil in shell. Because the sunflower seeds' shell don't contain oil at all.

3. Flaking machine: Using mechanical power, particulate sunflower seeds will be rolled into flakiness, which is easy to roast in cooking machine in next step.

4. Cooking machine: To adjust the temperature and moisture of sunflower seeds, easy to extracting sunflower oil.

The introduction of sunflower oil press machine:

Screw sunflower oil press machine with auxiliary frying pan is mostly choice in sunflower oil processing plant. These kind of oil press machine can finish one time squeeze, has low energy consumption and small footprint characteristics, and is the ideal oil press machine for large scale sunflower oil processing plant.

The filtration machine Henan Doing Company can provide for you:

sunflower oil filter machineFilter machine can be used in sunflower oil processing plant

Plate filter machine is much cheaper, but leaf filter machine has much better filtering effect and saving time to clean the filter cloth.

(About the detailed introduction of filter machine, please read: The cooking oil filter machines used in edible oil refinery plant)

All in all, all the machines that refer to above are needed in sunflower oil processing plant. But if you want to set up a small scale sunflower oil processing plant, we also can design for you according to your budget. So only need tell us your needs, we will give you suitable quotation.

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